Crossdressing to the World

Latest news in the world of crosdressing and transgender clothing, bought to you by Michael Salem Boutique

Introducing the new

For several decades now has been a hub for all things crossdressing – we thank our loyal customers for their continued support. As the business expands beyond our New York clientele we must respond to the demands of a more competitive market. From drag bars in Shinjuku to the transgender capital of the world, Bangkok, we have seen the allure of crossdressing spread to the far reaches of the globe and our business begin to cater to a more diverse audience. Our new site is designed and built from the ground up with the international crossdresser in mind.

The original Salem Hosiery, New York – September 1948

In America, the ascent of Trump, subsequent banning of transgender personnel from the US military and assault on the LGBT community have given birth to an ominous force that must be reckoned with. We believe the measured response to Trump’s bigotry is to help expand the powerful and liberating influence of crossdressing. As of today, we are including a free gift with each order to all our loyal customers in the United States.

We believe the benefit and enjoyment of crossdressing can influence many, beyond the spectrum of gender, sexual or social orientation – our shop is open to all who want the woman to be brought out in them.

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